Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quick & easy meal prep!

In the perfect world, I'd meal prep on Sunday's after church. In my world, it's based around my husband's shift schedule. He works multiple day stretches at 3 fire departments, so there's many days I don't see him. Today is his first day home in a week, and he's gone again tomorrow. So today, I meal prepped. 

We were out running errands, so I had to think on the fly. I had a savory sweet onion chicken freezer meal already frozen. I also had brown rice, ham, cabbage, red potatoes, carrots and onions. 

I purchased broccoli, lettuce, 1 onion, 1 bell pepper, apples for snack, a rotisserie chicken, and some hot sauce, and together I created this: 

The cabbage soup is an old childhood favorite. I don't even follow a recipe, I used whatever I had. 

After that was going, I threw 2c of brown rice in a pot, 4c water, some carrot slivers, onion, and some of my favorite seasonings for more flavor. (a low sodium, all natural chicken bouillon base by Wildtree, pepper & garlic powder). Bring to a boil and then simmer for 45 minutes. 

Next, the rest of my red skinned potatoes before they spoil. I cooked them in some garlic Grapeseed oil and seasoned with pepper. 

Next, broccoli and green beans for my veggies! Just steamed them. 

My stove- multitasking is key!

After all of that was done, I grabbed out my rotisserie chicken. 2 meals were prepped using one of the chicken breasts from the chicken, some green beans, and some red skinned potatoes. 

The rest of the chicken was shredded and thrown in bowl with a few tsp of buffalo sauce. I mixed it up, and layered them in jars. I LOVE salads in jars, they literally don't spoil or get soggy! 

First layer: Bolthouse Farms Greek yogurt ranch
Second: buffalo chicken
Third: salad toppings 
Fourth: lettuce! 

Made 8 jars! 

Last step, throwing everything else into containers. My savory sweet onion chicken that was cooking in my ofher crockpot was enough to make 8 meals. So I measured the rest of the potatoes/brown rice as my carbs, and green beans/broccoli as my veggie. 

I like to smash down my rice and throw some of the extra broth from the chicken on there so it doesn't get hard in the fridge. 

This whole, last minute meal prep didn't take me long at ALL. 

Buffalo chicken salad- 8 servings 
Savory sweet onion chicken, a carb & veggie - 8 servings 
Cabbage soup - 8 servings 
Rotisserie chicken with a carb and veggie - 2 servings. 
That's 26 servings! 

We also have extra lettuce for salads or lettuce wraps with these tuna packets: 

Snacks, since we eat EVERY 3 hours! 

And of course, breakfast is always covered ☺️

Some people are overwhelmed about meal prepping, but I PROMISE it makes your life so much easier. Check out past blogs about where/how to get started. 

In good health,
Jessie 💜💪🏼