Saturday, November 23, 2013

How bad do you want it?

I haven't been on here in a while - my apologies! I have been incredibly busy with school. Finals are approaching and then I have an entire month OFF. Yay! :)

Today I wanted to reach out and not only write for you, but write for me too. Sometimes writing is my form of therapy. If you know anything about PA School, you know we need all the therapy we can get!

A few years ago, I made the decision to change my life. I decided to stop drinking alcohol because it added no benefit to my life. I decided to eat healthier because little by little, I was killing myself with junk food. I stopped drinking pop (or soda as you may call it..) I eliminated some toxic "friends" that didn't support my change. I started working out.

These changes did not occur over time. I had cheat days, and I still do. After months of slowly transforming into the new ME - I realized something. I realized I was investing in my health, and my future, and by making these decisions, it added so much purpose and VALUE to my life. I know that might sounds crazy to you, but I dare you to try it. This is all you need to do.

  1. Give up junk. Junk Food. Junk TV. Junk Friends. Slowly but surely, your junk attitude will go with it.
  2. Replace it with HEALTHY food. Start being active! Go read a book, see a play, listen to new music, travel, pick up a Bible, GROW as a person. Surround yourself with new, like-minded, supportive people (unless you already have them. Then keep those ones close!) Change your cant's to CANS. Allow your life to change.

Again, those will happen over time. It helps having a supportive group of friends throughout this process as well. After I made the decision to change my life, I was introduced to a company that allowed me to be surrounded by amazing people. I do not for a minute think that this was by chance. I think it was a divine plan and the grace of God that I was introduced to these people. Every day they supported me to be a better me. I still, to this day, think that AdvoCare is a personal growth company disguised as a nutritional company. It makes helping others and reaching out so much more rewarding.

Maybe your journey doesn't involve PA School, or traveling. Maybe it doesn't involve AdvoCare, or working out. REGARDLESS of your journey in life, I hope to share a piece of information that can help. Whatever your goals, whether fitness related, school related, life related, WHATEVER, -

Success is determined by how bad you want it.

This is an important concept that I really need you to understand. I'm sure you've seen the YouTube video about wanting success as bad as you want to breathe, but do you get it? REALLY get it. It's a concept that even I have to remind myself.

In PA School, I have to force myself to study for hours and hours, regardless of how exhausted I am. In a class FULL of brilliant students, I constantly feel dumb, and for whatever reason, settled with the fact I wasn't as smart as some. Then it hit me. I got into this program for a reason. Now, in order to pass, I just have to want it. Work the over time until I get there.

Fitness wise, I had to push myself to the limits to change my body. Nutritionally, I had to give up everything I knew and start over. I had to read books on what to eat. Learn exercises that would transform my body. Hang out with people that would support me, and exercise WITH me. ANd most importantly- I had to shut up the little voice in my head that told me I couldn't do it.

Changing is a terrifying thing sometimes, but you have to WANT it. I think too many people are in the pre-contemplation stage.

Yeah, being a healthy weight would be nice, but you cannot give up the food you're all to accustomed to.

Having abs and strong arms is the definition of your dream body- but you dont have time to work out because you are watching a show to see which housewife is desperate.

Getting A's in school and doing well would be ideal, but for some reason you feel dumb, and feel like you don't deserve better than what you've been doing.

Getting a promotion at your job? EARNING what you are WORTH? That thought sounds like a DREAM. Well guess what, it's true. You can have those things because many of my friends do now. You just may be in the wrong area.

What I'm getting at is this: too many people think they want it, but they don't want to put in the work for it. And if they don't want it, it's typically because their negative thoughts or negative friends/family are holding them back.

Please - let go. It all starts with a decision.

After making those changes, I have learned so much about myself.
I'm a fighter. I'm resilient.
And I refuse to let anyone else get in the way of my happiness. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Be Inspired.

There are so many things that I should be doing right now. I SHOULD be looking at chest x-rays, or listening to heart sounds. I SHOULD be studying for my pharmacology exam, or preparing for my congestive heart failure presentation. My list is literally endless.. Before I return to the books, there is something that I feel compelled to share. 

Every single day I go to the gym - I'm inspired. As our group of girls grows more and more, I become more proud, more excited for them, and just... inspired

I normally go to the gym with 2 friends, Sara and Taylor. Both of these girls are just as crazy as I am. They enjoy circuit workouts that make them want to puke just as much as I do. The more we sweat, the more progress we made. The more we want to scream, the more we know our muscles are working. We've been doing crossfit style workouts for a while, and we absolutely LOVE it. 

Last week we invited some other ladies from the P.A. class to join us. I wish you could've witnessed their faces when we explained a typical workout. They were completely terrified! The fear they felt never stopped them from coming though. So imagine - 5 girls who have never really done a vigorous exercise before, getting thrown into a crossfit style workout. Some of them have never lifted weights before, or done a series of push ups. Regardless, they gave it everything they had. When they finished, their faces were pink, they had sweat beads pouring down, and they probably felt a mixture of oxygen deprived, dizzy, and nauseous. They not only finished, but they maintained good form while pushing themselves to the limits. I was SO proud!

The next day they were extremely sore. I was expecting that, but I wasn't expecting them to be so excited to work out again. Day after day these ladies join us, and I find myself becoming more inspired. 

Most people are afraid to start working out. Most people let fear win. Most people don't know where to start, and are too intimidated or embarrassed to ask someone for help. Most people continue living the same way because they are too fearful of change, and the path they are on is leading to depression, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. 

I'm not saying my friends in my PA Class were on their way to being obese because they are itty-bitty, and completely adorable. That part doesn't matter though. What does matter is the fact they had the COURAGE to come to the gym and try something new. And after just one day of experiencing how fun and rejuvenating fitness can be, they made the DECISION  to continue on this path.

Their progress leaves me speechless every day. Its only day 5 and they are doing more than they EVER have before.  For instance, todays workout was 20 minutes AMRAP (As many reps as possible) of 15 push press, 10 push ups, & 5 burpees. Even I was screaming during this workout, but that didn't stop them from finishing. 

Its never too late to get started, and if you're in that stage where you don't know WHERE to start, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reach out to someone and ASK! Ask me! :) I LOVE this stuff!! 


(My cork board. I see this every single day.) 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Plan Meals!!

When I started my first 24 Day Challenge, I realized that on the cleanse phase, certain foods were highly recommended, while other foods should be avoided. For instance: consume dairy in moderation, but eat a lean protein, vegetable/fruit, and complex carbohydrate for lunch. This required planning on my behalf. 


All too often, I got in the habit of opening the fridge and grabbing whatever was quick and convenient for me, but that got me into trouble. I'm so glad that I ended up committing to this challenge because I'm now on my fourth cleanse, and I have meal planning down to a science. 

I'm not normally a food Nazi. In fact, I love to indulge on pizza or ice cream every now and then. Thats the problem with nutrition nowadays though. People don't understand that those treats cannot be consumed everyday, and when they are, they are problematic to your health. Once you start eating the right food, you'll notice a change in the way you feel. Its almost like the fog has been lifted from your head, and you have so much more ENERGY

So, how do I do this? On Sundays, I decide what I'm eating Monday - Sunday. I usually make a lot for dinner so that I can eat it for lunch the following day. I also drink an AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast every day (its super convenient, extremely healthy, and involes less planning). Once I have my menu created, I make a grocery list. I go and get all of my groceries for the week. All of the things that I need are usually within the perimiter of the store. The majority of my meals involve fruits, vegetables, and meats. 

A few tips: 
-Cook some lean meat (chicken, turkey, etc) once you return from the store, and stick it in a tupperware dish. You'll be able to use it for salads, wraps, etc. Thats like my "Go-To" meal. 

-Chop up some vegetables that you'd use for salad toppings, snacks, or sandwiches. I promise you - this will get you eating more veggies.

- Wash fruit and put it into a container. If fresh berries are as easily accessible as chips, you'll choose the healthier of the two. 

-Lastly, dont buy junk. If it isn't in your house, you can't eat it!

It does take some getting used to, and that is why I'm so glad I did my first 24 Day Challenge. It was kind of the stepping stone to a healthier me. Anyone can do this! Its just a matter of if you want to. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Whats the deal with post workout drinks?

I'm sure you've seen it: those guys at the gym that are drinking all of those concoctions that you've never even heard of. I've always wondered what they were drinking, and if it actually did anything. WELL, the biology nerd in me decided to investigate one day, so I will share that with you. I won't get into the nitty gritty specifics though. It breaks down to a molecular level of specific things being transported into your muscles - and to be quite frank, comprehending that makes my head hurt.

Post Workout Basics:

Each time we work out, especially strenuous workouts that involve weights, high intensity or excessive amounts of endurance, our body uses glycogen. Again, I wont get into the nitty gritty of what glycogen is and how are muscles use it, but when you hear glycogen think energy. In addition to glycogen being used, our muscles fibers start tearing little by little. The combination of these two leave you feeling extremely fatigued and incredible sore. When people drink a good post workout drink, they not only replace the glycogen used, but they repair their muscles, too. Whether your goal is long, lean muscles, or big, bulky muscles, you still need to make sure your muscles are recovered for proper growth. It'll help give you increased strength and more endurance also.

So, when I feel like this after a workout :

I take this: 

To feel like this:

A few things to keep in mind while taking post workouts are the following:

  • Make sure you take it 15-60 mins after workout. You have a specific window of opportunity tho optimize the effects of the post workout. There is an entire biology lesson I could teach you as to why this is, but for the sake of both of our brains, trust me. ;) 
  • Make sure its LIQUID: Lets think about how things get to your muscles. You eat them, they get digested, and then they go to your muscles. When you drink something, its digested much faster than if its solid. 
  • Make sure its safe. Again, this might result in you doing research of your own, but your health & safety should be your #1 concern when taking products.  Post-workout Recovery is the best and safest out there that I've seen. 
Well, thats the in and outs of post workout supplements. On days like today, when my arms are shaking from muscle fatigue and I spill my powder everywhere, I'm SO thankful to have something that gives me such a speedy recovery. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Importance of Stretching

We've all thought the same thing at some point in time, "I didn't work out today so why do I need to stretch?".  Every personal trainer, coach, gym owner, fitness guru, and even parents, will tell you to stretch.  Most people I've encountered make an all-too-common mistake but never realize the mistake until it's too late.  That simple, often overlooked mistake, is stretching AFTER your workout.

Whether you have a daily exercise routine or not, stretching is always beneficial.  Let's discuss a few important reasons why.

1.) Stretching increases flexibility.
Having limited mobility, whether you're young or older, can negatively affect your daily routine.  Tasks as small as putting food on the top shelf of the pantry runs a risk of pulling a muscle in your back.  It only takes one, small twist in the wrong way to put you down for days.  By increasing flexibility, muscle soreness will decrease and recovery time can be shortened.

2.) Stretching helps prevent postural problems.
This is a big one for those that work in an office-type setting where you sit for most of your day.  Aches, pains, moans and groans don't have to be part of your day.  A few simple stretches in the morning can alleviate pain and improve posture.

3.) It helps prevent over-extension injuries.
Stretching lengthens the muscles and helps increase circulation in the human body.  Many injuries nowadays are caused from individuals pushing their muscles past their limits and causing tears.

4.) Stretching allows for an active lifestyle later in life.
If you're anything like me, you love playing with the kiddos.  They can be a handful and want you to do some things that might have been out of the question last year, but a good stretching routine can help keep you in the game.  Many people have mentioned how young they feel just by staying active, but they wouldn't have that energy level and be able to keep up with the young ones if it weren't for loose muscles.

So, what can you do to stretch out your muscles?  I've always been a fan of dynamic stretching for one main reason: it gets the blood pumping and preps you for any activity.  There are several different stretches you can do anywhere, anytime, that will give you the mobility you desire. (Click HERE for a list).

Before I go, I want to share one last thing I've recently implemented that's helped me during my firefighter training.  I've struggled with sleeping ever since I deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and twice since then.  I've discovered that stretching before bed is VERY beneficial and helps you get a good night's sleep.  Fitness Magazine has a great article on this issue.

I hope you can benefit from this.  If you have anything to add, please feel free to let me know.  Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Decisions now impact your life later.

I'm on my lunch break from school right now. I just spent my entire morning learning about the cardiovascular system and diseases associated with it. In fact, I'll spend my entire DAY (from 9-5) in the classroom learning about this topic. As I was sitting in class, I looked down at my notebook, and a specific portion of my notes stuck out more than ever:


 It then occurred to me that the title of our blog "Making a change now will forever change tomorrow" has a new meaning. Every decision we make now will later affect our life. The food we eat, the amount we exercise, and the things we drink all slowly cause changes inside our body. This is SO important for people to understand! Too many people think they don't need to worry about hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc until they are older, but this couldn't be further from the truth. 


So when you're lazy, FORCE yourself to go work out... Even if its just 30 minutes of power walking!

When you want junk food, pop, terrible energy drinks, alcohol, etc... remind yourself its not worth it!

Its ok to consume these things in moderation, but the sky high obesity rate is proof enough that many don't  know what moderation is. Please care about yourself enough to know you deserve a long, healthy life, and care about others enough to share this message. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

"I just don't have the time to exercise."

Let’s be honest, we have ALL used this as excuse, myself included.  Here’s the thing about exercising – you don’t have to spend $100 a month on a gym membership or set aside 2 hours a day just to get in a workout.  There are countless options available for you to utilize in order to help you get in the shape you want.

Before I jump into the workouts, I want to share a quick bit of information.  Jessie and I always make sure our bodies are properly set up for any form of exercising.  We do this by “changing the oil”, if you will, every 90 days.  The Herbal Cleanse is a great way to clean the pipes, get the crud out of your system, and fully prepare it for your workouts.

As far as exercising goes, there are infinite options available.  Whether it’s riding a bike, walking your children to school, lifting weights, swimming, or any other form of physical activity, it’s always beneficial.  I understand everyone has their plate mostly full and couldn't possibly imagine taking on anything else, so I’ll share this first workout with you.

The "Can You 24" workout series is one of my favorites, and let me tell you, it works.  Here are a few reasons I fell in love with these workouts:
  • 24 minute workout length
  • 7 workouts on a 2-disc set
  • Choose beginner, intermediate, expert level
  • No equipment needed
  • $29.95 price tag
  • Exercise in the comfort of your own home
There are definitely other options available if you are not a fan of home workout DVDs.  If you have access to a pool, swimming laps is one of the best workouts for the body.  Not only is it a complete body workout but you also don't experience the strain that you normally would feel from running.

I'm a runner at heart and always have been.  I have several friends that use the Strava program to track runs, bike rides, etc., and also use those workouts to compete against the Strava community.  Their Premium package allows you to use the GPS system to calculate distance, pace, splits, overall time, etc.  You can purchase one of their GPS devices designed for athletes or simply download the app on your smartphone.  If you'd rather workout at home, a great website to use is  There are hundreds of exercises available online and you can even create/store your own workouts for later use.

Whatever you choose, whether it's one of these options or you've created your own, make a plan and stick to it.  Remember, any workout is better than no workout.  Have a great Labor Day!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fact or Fiction: vitamins just give you expensive urine

The answer: Both. It all depends on the quality of vitamins that you are using. 

Throughout my undergraduate career, I was told by some professors that vitamins give you expensive urine. The reason they said this was because most vitamins are created from inexpensive materials. The poor quality vitamins are not absorbed properly, so the majority of the vitamins gets eliminated as waste (urine). Some joke that vitamins do nothing but give you "expensive urine". 

At the same time I was learning this, I had a friend mention to me that he takes a multivitamin called Coreplex. That poor fella... I basically told him vitamins don't work, and I completely brushed him off. I also argued that I could obtain all of my nutrients and vitamins from my daily diet, and I did not need to supplement. 


Being the science nerd that I was, I decided to investigate. One of the first things I found about the Coreplex was this: About Coreplex. It explains that yes, most vitamins are not absorbed properly, but when you take a product that is HIGH QUALITY, it will be absorbed. At this point, I was almost convinced, but then I wondered 'What makes these products high quality?' I then found the SciMed board: SciMed Board. This is a group of doctors and experts that ensure the products are safe and effective. Lastly, I watched this video, and realized I could no longer obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals from my diet:


After performing my research, I decided I would give the product a try. I started taking the MNS MAX 3. Its essentially a dump truck of nutrition. Its little packs that you take at certain times of the day. After a few days on MNS MAX 3, I realized I FELT different. I had more energy throughout the day, and I just felt HEALTHY


I cannot describe why the products work. I also cannot explain on a molecular level why we need them. All I can tell you is that I feel so great since using these, that I will never, ever go without them again. 

Before I go, please note: as a future healthcare provider, I need to emphasize the importance of consulting with your Health Care Provider before adding supplements into your daily regimen. Your Provider knows your past medical history, and their approval for the use of supplementation is extremely important to your health. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Open your heart <3

Last year was a TOUGH year for me. Through all of the ups and downs, I started to lose faith. I felt lost. I didn't exactly know what I wanted and where to start. 


(google image)
I stopped going to church because I didn't know WHAT religion I was, and to be brutally honest, I was angry at God. I was so mad that last year was so difficult, and it forced me to completely lose myself. 

Growing up, I attended a Lutheran Church, but transferred to a Presbyterian Church because of my boyfriend. After we split up, I realized that I was just going through the religious motions, and I severely lacked a relationship with God. I'm not going to bash any religions here, but I just knew in my heart that I hadn't found what religion was right for me. 

I eventually started praying more. I started reading my Bible, and "The Purpose Driven Life". I started exploring the world and experiencing things I had never done before. I traveled. I listened to new music. Read books I would've never read before. I opened my heart and just allowed myself to grow. Although every decision I made during that time was not the best, it still allowed me to grow. Every single day I felt myself getting stronger. Every day I felt more like MYSELF again. This past year I was lead down a winding road of ups and downs, but eventually things started looking up. I was accepted into PA School, I became closer with my family, and a wonderful man named Clinton Tyler entered my life. 


You'll hear me talk a lot about him, but its because he is literally that wonderful of a person. I truly believe that God created his soul to perfectly match mine. I cannot even explain what occurs inside of me when I'm with him, but I know I'm a better person since he's entered my life. I'm eager to learn new things, do more, and love more. 

My life was quickly changing, and I knew it wasn't by chance

With PA School starting, I told myself that in addition to obtaining my education, I needed to focus on God as well. I actually made a list of the important things in my life that I had to learn to balance in order to live a happy life. These included: God, C.T. (Thats short for Clinton Tyler), family, working out/eating healthy, & my AdvoCare business ALL while keeping up on my PA studies. My first semester was NOT easy for me, and the first thing I sacrificed was God. I literally put Him on the back burner. 

When I returned to school for my second semester, a fellow classmate wanted to create a Ladies Bible Study. To be honest with you, I didn't know what to expect. I'm not the type of person to throw religion in ones face, nor am I a person who can handle getting religion thrown in my face. I knew I was desperately lacking something in my life though, and I had nothing to lose by attending.

I wish I could explain the rush of emotions I felt throughout the meeting. A group of 8 classmates joined together- all from different backgrounds, different religions, and different strengths and weaknesses to share experiences. It might sounds cheesy to you, but this was EXACTLY what I needed in my life. That void was filled, and I left the meeting feeling AMAZING! 

Although I'm incredibly confused about religion, and where I belong, I realized that the most important thing is my personal relationship with God. Throughout all of my ups and downs, I made it out stronger and wiser. It wasn't the path I would've chosen for myself initially, but looking back now, I wouldn't have changed a thing. I've learned to just trust. 


(google image) 

Before I go, I just wanted to encourage you to step out of the box, open your heart, and let yourself grow as a person. Try to experience new things. Expand your knowledge. Eat new food. Listen to new music. Just do something different!! Pray or meditate, whichever is right for you. As you grow, you'll see that sometimes people in our lives hold us back. Select the people you associate with yourself wisely. Surround yourself with POSITIVE people. Those people who inspire you to not only be a better person, but be YOURSELF. Those that encourage you to live, love, and learn - even if it means getting lost along the way. Sometimes these people aren't your family members or best friends, and if thats the case, keep pressing forward! Because its a tragedy to live your life to meet someone else's expectations, than to do what makes you happy and be who you truly are. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Health & Fitness 101

If you read yesterdays post, you saw I was super excited about tonights dinner. WELL, it was *drum roll** quesadillas!!  :) They were absolutely delicious!

Anyhow, todays topic - Intro to Health and Fitness. I have a lot of friends who are new to this realm, and have NO idea where to begin. Today I thought I'd write some tips that helped me on this journey. 


1. What workouts should I do? 

When I first started my fitness journey, there was no gym by me. I purchased INSANITY & P90X to do at home. After I started noticing some changes in my body, I decided to give running a try. I used an app on my phone to monitor my progress. Eventually I was getting better and better. I also found this website: that posts free workouts online. They are fast and very effective.

2. I have no time to work out. 


I'm guilty of using this excuse. I later realized that I didn't MAKE the time to work out. A friend challenged me to write my daily activities down for a few days. After the first day, I realized I wasted too much time in front of the TV and my phone. Neither of those benefited my health. I decided to eliminate TV time until I was able to make a solid schedule. I encourage you to make a schedule! Just like I have a class schedule, I also have a block of time each day that is committed to my fitness. I also have Sunday evenings blocked off for meal prep. 

3. Find workout friends! 

I asked a few friends to join me working out. Before I knew it, we were making a pact to participate according to our schedule. If I was too lazy, I expected them to drag me out of my house by my hair. Having friends holds you ACCOUNTABLE. It also makes working out a lot more fun. :) 


Remember: workout buddies can be ANY age, shape, size, color. Get a dog to run with! (or in my case, a nephew. haha) 

Include your whole family and make it fun! When you raise your children in an active house, they realize the importance of exercise early on. It wont be such a chore for them to participate later on in life. 

4. Meal Prep

This is where a lot of people get into trouble. By the time meals roll around, people are too starving to cook anything healthy. Instead, they choose fast and convenient meals. These meals come at a price though. Most of the time, they are loaded with chemicals, sodium, fat, sugar, and serve no nutritional benefit. I used to be one of these people. I read online (and used Pinterest!) to find out how to meal prep. Now, on Sunday evenings, I chop vegetables, cook lean meats, and prepare whatever I can for the meals during that week. This involves a lot of planning, but its definitely worth it. I actually get together with my friends to meal prep. Makes it a lot more fun. :) 

I try to live by the saying: If I made it, I can eat it. SOMETIMES I cheat and have cookies, ice cream, fast food, etc. But please note that this is rarely. I try to keep my diet as balanced and healthy as possible. 

5. Fuel your body right

After doing a lot of research, I realized I still was lacking nutrition. It was impossible for me to obtain the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients in a days time! Food today is prepared differently than what it was in the past. Its for this reason that I decided to supplement. I know a lot of people have their own opinions on the use of supplementation, but I believe its vital for proper nutrition. When using supplements, make sure that they are safe and effective. 


I've tried a few brands before, but AdvoCare took the prize for being the safest out there. I started with the Performance Elite products, and have now tried just about everything they have to offer! 


6. Track food

In addition to meal prepping and supplementation, TRACK what you consume every day. Most people have no idea the amount of calories they should consume in a days time. There are calculators and apps out there to make this extremely easy. I personally LOVE the Myfitnesspal app. I scan the barcodes on my food to ensure I'm not overeating or under eating. I don't use the app to obsess over the food I consume. Instead, I use it to be AWARE of what I'm consuming. Before using the app, I had no idea about the nutritional value of foods. Initially the app told me to consume 1200 calories. Understanding health/fitness, I realized this number is WAY too low. This would put my body into starvation mode. Because I'm extremely active, I bumped it up to 1700-1800 calories a day. If you're just starting, I can always help you find a correct range for you. 

7. Monitor your progress

First things first, throw the scale out. I HATE THE SCALE! Too many people obsess over the numbers on the scale instead of using other gauges. I go by the way I feel, the way I look, Before/After pictures, body measurements, clothing sizes and % body fat. 


These are comparison pictures from my 10 day cleanse. I weighed the exact same on the right as I did on the left, but I LOOKED and FELT better after. 


When I started, I created realistic goals. When I reached those goals, I treated myself. I started with fitness outfits because I don't know about you, but looking cute while I worked out gave me more motivation. (This was a gift from my darling boyfriend.) 


9. Sign up for a competition/race

My brother convinced me to sign up for the Tough Mudder last year. If you know what this obstacle race is, its 10-12 miles of mud and rough terrain with military obstacles. I had to prepare a LOT for this race, but it was SO worth it. It kept me focused.. and LOOK! We did it!


10. Exercise your mind 

Lastly, make sure you keep your mind in check. I'm a firm believer that happiness is not something that lucky people find, but its something thats CREATED. Do an emotional and spiritual check. Fill your life with things that make you happy and live for a purpose. Be inspired and then inspire someone else. Your life will be much more rewarding. :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

My First Blog!

Hello, Hello!! Today was the first day of my second semester of PA School!! So as a treat- heres my "Back to School Picture." =P

Although the class only lasted 10 minutes, I was able to spend my day doing somewhat productive things. I joined my girls (Taylor and Sara) at the gym for an intense leg workout. Afterwards I meal prepped with Sara. With PA School consuming the majority of our time, its much easier to eat fast food than it is to actually prepare a healthy meal. Sara and I made a pact to meal prep together so that we can avoid eating garbage. As future health care professionals, we have to walk the walk if we want to talk the talk. Patients will be more likely to listen to us if we, too, are HEALTHY!! :) 

Todays meals:

Breakfast- AdvoCare Meal Replacement shake (Chocolate - blended with ice, banana, and strawberries) 

Lunch- Salad with romaine lettuce, spinach leaves, carrots, peppers, turkey, avocado, and cucumber 

Dinner- Spaghetti squash and green beans

Snacks (throughout the day)- Grapes, celery and natural PB, spark, post workout recovery shake

Tomorrows meals and workouts are already locked and loaded. SOOOO excited for dinner (and you'll see why.....tomorrow.)

Before I go, I wanted to leave you with something - Today wasn't easy. If it were easy, everyone would be rich, happy, fit, etc. At the gym, I had to literally PUSH myself to keep going. I'd look at Sara and Taylor and think "If they aren't stopping, I'm not stopping. One. More. Rep..." When we got home, I wanted ANYTHING fattening drenched in chocolate. Cookies, donuts, ice cream, brownies.. mmm. Again, I had to convince myself it wasn't worth it. Eating that food actually makes me feel worse! My body just THINKS it wants it. Health and Fitness is MENTAL. Whatever you do, don't give up on yourself. The benefits of living a healthy life are worth it. 

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." - John F. Kennedy