Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rekindling the fire.

Well, I'M BACK! The past 2.5 years were pretty wild. Started PA School, got engaged, got married, finished PA School, relocated to Texas, and passed my boards. Now as take a moment to breathe, I can't help but feel my heart being drawn to another calling.

All my life I have wanted to help inspire people. My goal has always been to impact 1 million people (indirectly) before I die. Whether it's encouraging someone to exercise, convincing someone to get that mammogram/colonoscopy, teaching someone to eat clean and meal prep, promoting community service, or showing someone the gracious heart of God, I just want to be apart of their journey. I'm not actually counting the people I impact, but I'm going to continue moving forward and hope that I'm remembered as an inspiration to many.

A friend of mine inspired me. (For privacy, we will just call her B). I remember sitting on the couch after I completed my boards and I was browsing social media. Someone commented on B's page saying she looked amazing, so I did as any FB user would do, I went to B's page. HOLY COW! B lost 80 pounds over the last year! I think the biggest transformation was in her spirit. She was SO happy and radiant! And that's when the fire was rekindled...

Many of you know that I have my own health and wellness coaching and solutions business that allowed me to help people virtually all over the country. Many of you may also wonder why I haven't posted anything about it in quite some time. Especially during clinicals in PA School, I unfortunately had to take a break in order to focus my attention on school. I still used the products and continued working out, but I wasn't able to help coach others. Well, B inspired me to jump back in. Yes, there is an immense amount of fear that comes with starting again....Like: What will people think? Will they think I failed the first time? What if they think I'm just trying to be a sales person?  What if people doubt me? What if they think this is a gimmic?

As all of these thoughts rushed into my head, I stopped for a moment, and remembered my goal, my team, my vision.

GOAL: To provide solutions for others, whether it be weight loss, energy, performance, wellness, or earning a plan B income.

MY TEAM: The best group of individuals that uplift, inspire, and motivate me daily. They encourage me to add value to my life, and their support and friendship is incredible.

MY VISION: There are 2 big problems in America: Health and Finances. PA School has left me with a mortgage in student loans. I have watched friends do incredible and often unbelievable things - including finding debt freedom, so that's where I'm going. There are others looking for help with their finances and health too, so with the same vision in mind, we can tackle this problem.

I know people probably think I'm absolutely crazy, and that my dreams are larger than life and unreachable. I promise you, that's where I'm headed. Someday I will inspire you with my debt free success story, and you'll think, "Wow. She did it."