Sunday, January 26, 2014



That's all I've ever wanted to do. Whether spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally - I have felt the need to share what I've learned in hope that it would improve someone elses life. 

I found this quote on Pinterest tonight, and after that, my wheels started turning. 


In all aspects of my life, I have tried to be the best I possibly can. I try (and it is always a work in progress) to prioritize my life by God, Family (including Clint and his family), School, & everything else.  I work very hard in school just to stay afloat, but still find the time to stay physically fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I maintain great relationships with the people I love. I try to get friends actively involved in fundraisers that benefit others, and I donate what I can to those in need. I obsessively check animal rescues and pray that those animals find forever homes. 

So if I died tomorrow, would I have left my mark in this world?? 


I feel like I have, and let me tell you why. 

While looking through old pictures of myself, I realized that I have come a LONG ways in my fitness journey. What started out as a chore, has developed into a way of life. I now LOVE sharing advice with people, inspiring them to change their life, and ultimately, help them regain their LIFE. Being overweight and unhealthy is exhausting. You feel terrible. Your health is terrible. And someday, your doctor (Or P.A.) will yell at you. 


Just LOOK at my chubby cheeks. I'll admit, Little miss Haley looks adorable as a chubby tot, but me? Ugh. I definitely did NOT have abs then.. nor did I know what eating healthy was. I'm fairly certain I was hung over in the top picture also. Underage. Hungover. Lost. Way to go Jessie, way to go. 

One day, I just decided to change. Ya see, I had a scary doctors appointment that changed my life forever. I was 20 years old. I just started a new job, I transferred colleges, had no idea WHERE I was going in life, and now a health scare. This Doctor, bless her heart, was very blunt and told me I HAD to change my lifestyle around if I ever wanted to feel healthy again. So just like that, I did. When you're TERRIFIED that this lump you just found could be cancer, and these lumps are a consequence of your stress and DIET, working out and eating healthy was a no brainer. 

I started with at home work outs because I didn't know WHERE to begin. From there, I gave up alcohol COMPLETELY and started eating healthy. From there, I established fit clubs in my community to work out together. From there I started online coaching to help people with their nutrition and exercise. It became FUN to inspire & motivate people. 


I got my family involved. My mom was even losing weight doing a 10-min at home workout! I loved getting the updates from my family.  I would come home from work and have kids BEGGING to workout with me. Whether it was a simple family walk. 


A 5 mile run while this feller biked. His red face is adorable. :) 


My summer bootcamp. 


My FAVORITE. Family push up contests. (OK. Megan won. There, I said it..)



TOUGH races with my brother. (Tough Mudder) 


Workouts with Hayl. Yes, She lasted all 48 minutes on that elliptical as I ran. 

And lastly, post workout seal stretches. 

Eventually, my family started working out on their own. My brother, Todd, challenges me to work harder and join races with him. I look forward to hearing updates from my sister, Holly, that her clothes are loose, or she is doing a race. I smile when I see Andrea pin healthy meals on Pinterest because she loves her junk food. I'm still working on JJ..... BUT, the biggest transformation of all has been miss Megan. She started her journey by losing 26 lbs on the 24 day challenge, and then after that - she did the rest on her own. 

After getting my family on board, friends started to join. I started getting text messages like this:


I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to help some friends obtain more self confidence, find more energy, and accomplish their fitness goals. I've also been able to help some get extra income by coaching others. My ultimate goal, after I graduate PA School, is to share my fitness and nutrition tips with patients by establishing a community program. 

In the meantime, pick up some weights. Lace up your shoes. And throw out the junk food. Start today! Get friends and family to join you, and pass the inspiration on. 

Imagine if we all inspired just ONE person each day, think about how quickly the world would change. <3