Friday, September 2, 2016

Mason Jars Salads!!

I'll admit.. I saw the posts about salads in jars and I thought it was absolutely ridiculous... and then I gave it a whirl. Ya'll- it stays fresh all week! Try prepping a salad in a plastic or glass storage container and it does NOT work. I hate soggy lettuce! I also hate toting around dressing bottles with me.

Behold - some of my favorite recipes in jars.

Ingredients: layer bottom to top 
-Bolthouse farms Caesar dressing
- Rotisserie Chicken 
- Grated Parmesan Cheese
-Romaine Lettuce 

Ingredients: layer bottom to top 

-Chicken Salad: (2c rotisserie shredded chicken, 1/2c plain Greek yogurts, 1/2c red onion, 1/2c grapes, 1/4c celery, 1tsp garlic powder & pepper, 1tbsp lemon juice) 
- lettuce of your choice 

Ingredients: (layer bottom to top) 
-Poppyseed salad dressing 
-Chopped chicken (can use rotisserie chicken) 
-almonds slices 
-Chopped apples (squirt with lemon juice to prevent it turning brown)
- Cranberry 
-Lettuce (50/50 Blend) 

Ingredients: layer bottom to top
-Turkey burger with low sodium taco seasoning 
-Low Sodium black beans 
-Chopped red onions 
- Corn
-  Shredded cheese
- Chopped peppers
- Romaine lettuce