Friday, September 13, 2013

Be Inspired.

There are so many things that I should be doing right now. I SHOULD be looking at chest x-rays, or listening to heart sounds. I SHOULD be studying for my pharmacology exam, or preparing for my congestive heart failure presentation. My list is literally endless.. Before I return to the books, there is something that I feel compelled to share. 

Every single day I go to the gym - I'm inspired. As our group of girls grows more and more, I become more proud, more excited for them, and just... inspired

I normally go to the gym with 2 friends, Sara and Taylor. Both of these girls are just as crazy as I am. They enjoy circuit workouts that make them want to puke just as much as I do. The more we sweat, the more progress we made. The more we want to scream, the more we know our muscles are working. We've been doing crossfit style workouts for a while, and we absolutely LOVE it. 

Last week we invited some other ladies from the P.A. class to join us. I wish you could've witnessed their faces when we explained a typical workout. They were completely terrified! The fear they felt never stopped them from coming though. So imagine - 5 girls who have never really done a vigorous exercise before, getting thrown into a crossfit style workout. Some of them have never lifted weights before, or done a series of push ups. Regardless, they gave it everything they had. When they finished, their faces were pink, they had sweat beads pouring down, and they probably felt a mixture of oxygen deprived, dizzy, and nauseous. They not only finished, but they maintained good form while pushing themselves to the limits. I was SO proud!

The next day they were extremely sore. I was expecting that, but I wasn't expecting them to be so excited to work out again. Day after day these ladies join us, and I find myself becoming more inspired. 

Most people are afraid to start working out. Most people let fear win. Most people don't know where to start, and are too intimidated or embarrassed to ask someone for help. Most people continue living the same way because they are too fearful of change, and the path they are on is leading to depression, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. 

I'm not saying my friends in my PA Class were on their way to being obese because they are itty-bitty, and completely adorable. That part doesn't matter though. What does matter is the fact they had the COURAGE to come to the gym and try something new. And after just one day of experiencing how fun and rejuvenating fitness can be, they made the DECISION  to continue on this path.

Their progress leaves me speechless every day. Its only day 5 and they are doing more than they EVER have before.  For instance, todays workout was 20 minutes AMRAP (As many reps as possible) of 15 push press, 10 push ups, & 5 burpees. Even I was screaming during this workout, but that didn't stop them from finishing. 

Its never too late to get started, and if you're in that stage where you don't know WHERE to start, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reach out to someone and ASK! Ask me! :) I LOVE this stuff!! 


(My cork board. I see this every single day.)