Monday, September 2, 2013

"I just don't have the time to exercise."

Let’s be honest, we have ALL used this as excuse, myself included.  Here’s the thing about exercising – you don’t have to spend $100 a month on a gym membership or set aside 2 hours a day just to get in a workout.  There are countless options available for you to utilize in order to help you get in the shape you want.

Before I jump into the workouts, I want to share a quick bit of information.  Jessie and I always make sure our bodies are properly set up for any form of exercising.  We do this by “changing the oil”, if you will, every 90 days.  The Herbal Cleanse is a great way to clean the pipes, get the crud out of your system, and fully prepare it for your workouts.

As far as exercising goes, there are infinite options available.  Whether it’s riding a bike, walking your children to school, lifting weights, swimming, or any other form of physical activity, it’s always beneficial.  I understand everyone has their plate mostly full and couldn't possibly imagine taking on anything else, so I’ll share this first workout with you.

The "Can You 24" workout series is one of my favorites, and let me tell you, it works.  Here are a few reasons I fell in love with these workouts:
  • 24 minute workout length
  • 7 workouts on a 2-disc set
  • Choose beginner, intermediate, expert level
  • No equipment needed
  • $29.95 price tag
  • Exercise in the comfort of your own home
There are definitely other options available if you are not a fan of home workout DVDs.  If you have access to a pool, swimming laps is one of the best workouts for the body.  Not only is it a complete body workout but you also don't experience the strain that you normally would feel from running.

I'm a runner at heart and always have been.  I have several friends that use the Strava program to track runs, bike rides, etc., and also use those workouts to compete against the Strava community.  Their Premium package allows you to use the GPS system to calculate distance, pace, splits, overall time, etc.  You can purchase one of their GPS devices designed for athletes or simply download the app on your smartphone.  If you'd rather workout at home, a great website to use is  There are hundreds of exercises available online and you can even create/store your own workouts for later use.

Whatever you choose, whether it's one of these options or you've created your own, make a plan and stick to it.  Remember, any workout is better than no workout.  Have a great Labor Day!