Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 6: That number doesn't matter.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I will quickly recap for you. Today marked day 6. My bloated feeling disappeared by Day 5, and today I had SO much more energy! My morning 3 mile run was fantastic because of my energy level too! :) 

I was curious to see how I've been doing so far, so I jumped on the scale JUST to see. I know I'm not supposed to yet, BUT I couldn't resist. I feel so thin! I HAD to have lost something. I stepped up on my scale, the same scale I used to weigh in, and there it was. A number. A number that has gotten BIGGER since I started my challenge. I gained 2 lbs instead of losing any.

But you know what? I. Don't. Care. 

I hate the scale. The scale is a TERRILE determinant of my success on this cleanse. I've ate well, exercised every single day, and I feel phenomenal! First of all, muscle weighs more than fat. I can already tell that I've gained muscle, especially in my legs! So I don't care what that stupid number is, because it does not define me. I feel FAB. 

SECONDLY - I do not ever use the scale to show my progress. I use pictures (those will come day 10), and measurements (also coming day 10). The measurements will show if I lost any inches, and if I did gain inches, the pictures will show my muscle definition. :) Regardless, I still feel great. 

Third: Some people tell me "I only lost one poud." One pound is one pound. Thats one pound gone off your body forever. Do you know what one pound looks like?! 


So are you still mad? Thats A LOT. 

Lastly, I just wanted to share WHY I do this cleanse. I don't  do it to look a certain way. I do it to FEEL a certain way. This is my oil change. Its something essential every 90 days so that my body is operating like a well oiled machine. If I am training for a half marathon, spending 12+ hours a day studying medicine, and having a social life on top of this, I want to FEEL my absolute best while doing it. In the end, I wont ever care what the scale says, what size my jeans are, or how many inches I actually lost. I just care that I have energy and I feel healthy. I have both of those, so in my book, I've already won this challenge.